Masterflex® Direct-Reading Variable-Area Flowmeters for Air, Acrylic, Avantor®

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MFLX68560-14EA 0 KRW
MFLX68560-14 MFLX68560-15 MFLX68560-16 MFLX68560-17 MFLX68560-18 MFLX68560-19 MFLX68560-10 MFLX68560-11 MFLX68560-12 MFLX68560-13 MFLX68560-25 MFLX68560-03 MFLX68560-26 MFLX68560-04 MFLX68560-27 MFLX68560-06 MFLX68560-07 MFLX68560-08 MFLX68560-09 MFLX68560-20 MFLX68560-21 MFLX68560-22 MFLX68560-00 MFLX68560-23 MFLX68560-01 MFLX68560-24 MFLX68560-02
Masterflex® Direct-Reading Variable-Area Flowmeters for Air, Acrylic, Avantor®
Designed for labs and plant processes where multiple gases are used.

  • Easy to read English or metric scales
  • Interchangeable scales for routine gases
  • Customer convertible panel to partial or full in-line mounted configurations
  • Panel mounting by means of hex nuts
  • Easy disassembly and assembly for cleaning

Versatile acrylic flowmeters are designed specifically for air. Flowmeters are offered with or without built-in low hysteresis needle valves. Panel mount flowmeters without valves or use in partial or full in-line mounted configurations. Flowmeters feature a stable, easy-to-read float for quick measurement readings.

Warning: This product is not approved or intended for, and should not be used for medical, clinical, surgical or other patient oriented applications.
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