Diethyl pyrocarbonate ≥97.5%, high purity

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동의어: Diethyl dicarbonateDEPC (Diethylpyrocarbonate)DEPC

E174-5GEA 223290 KRW
E174-5G E174-100G E174-25G
Diethyl pyrocarbonate ≥97.5%, high purity
Diethyl pyrocarbonate

DEPC is used to inactivate RNase enzymes from water and other laboratory utensils. DEPC covalently modifies histidine residues in RNase enzymes. DEPC can be used with PBS or MOPS buffer, but is incompatible with Tris and HEPES.

포뮬러: O(COOC₂H₅)₂
MW: 162.14 g/mol
끊는점: 93 – 94 °C
밀도: 1.123 g/cm³ (20 °C)
인화점: 69 °C
보관 온도: Refrigerator
MDL 번호: MFCD00009106
CAS 번호: 1609-47-8
EINECS: 216-542-8
UN: 0000
Merck 색인: 12,08182

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Purity (acid assay) >97.5%

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