SPE columns, J.T.Baker®, BAKERBOND spe™ C8

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SPE columns, J.T.Baker®, BAKERBOND spe™ C8
Chromatography Columns
BAKERBOND spe™ columns are disposable PP columns pre-packed with high capacity sorbents contained between two 20 µm PE frits.

  • Silica based
  • Extraction of compounds from sample solution volumes ranging from a few hundred µl up to 1 L
  • Processing by vacuum, positive pressure or centrifugation

General applications: Non ionic, non polar to moderately polar analytes.

These SPE columns can be used in reversed phase mode.

포장: Certain columns are available in a foil-lined fibre drum called the Jumbo Pack. The columns are loose packed in the foil liner to eliminate the inconvenience of opening individual pouches.
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