Ethidium bromide stock solution, Biotechnology Grade

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X328-10MLEA 73180 KRW
Ethidium bromide stock solution, Biotechnology Grade
Ethidium bromide

A 10mg/ml solution of Ethidium Bromide in specially prepared deionized water. Ethidium bromide solution is a fluorescent stain for visualising nucleic acids in solution or in electrophoresis gels.

At a concentration of 0,5 μg/ml, ethidium bromide is useful in agarose or acrylamide gels for band detection. It is used to detect as little as 10 ng of nucleic acid. At higher concentrations (0,5 - 1,0 μg/ml), it may be used to facilitate purification of DNA in a caesium chloride gradient.

포뮬러: C₂₁H₂₀BrN₃
MW: 394,31 g/mol
끊는점: 72 °C (0.1 torr)
녹는점: 261 to 264 °C
인화점: Max. 100 °C
보관 온도: Ambient
MDL 번호: MFCD00011724
CAS 번호: 1239-45-8
EINECS: 214-984-6
Merck 색인: 13,04751

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사양 테스트 결과

DNase none detected
Moisture <= 8%
Purity (Dry Basis) > = 98%
RNase none detected

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