BCIP/INT substrate, Biotechnology Grade

공급업체: VWR Chemicals

동의어: INT (2-[4-iodophenyl]-3-[4-nitrophenyl]-5-phenyltetrazolium chloride)BCIP (5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl-phosphate, toluidine-salt)

E692-100MLEA 447320 KRW
BCIP/INT substrate, Biotechnology Grade

BCIP/INT substrate is a solution designed for the detection of alkaline phosphatase

  • Contrasts well with blue hematoxylin-stained sections

Can be used for in situ hybridisation and immunoblotting.

주문 정보: 주문 정보: 주문 정보: 주문 정보: 주문 정보: 주문 정보: Contains 1,15×10 mM BCIP and 6,92 mM INT.

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