Dual-gel vertical electrophoresis systems, kuroGEL Verti 2020

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Dual-gel vertical electrophoresis systems, kuroGEL Verti 2020
Electrophoresis Systems Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Systems
The kuroGEL Verti vertical dual-gel units offer the flexibility of running dual gels either cooled or un-cooled and with or without a casting base.

  • Large format gels for increased sample throughput and longer separation
  • High resolution maintained with excellent cooling capabilities
  • Self-sealing connectors prevent spills which commonly occur when disconnecting the cooling liquid

The kuroGEL Verti 2020 twin-plate units offer all the benefits of the kuroGEL Verti 1010, but with a much larger gel size and with increased sample throughput. A cooling coil in the kuroGEL Verti 2020K gel tanks allows faster separations to be performed at high voltage without compromising resolution.

납품 정보: Complete system supplied with 2 plain glass plates; 2 notched glass plates; 1 dummy plate; 2×1,0 mm spacer sets; 2×1,0 mm combs, 24-sample wells.
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