Nunc™ plates for immunoassays

Immunoplates from Nunc are manufactured to the highest standards developed over 40 years of production.

This high-quality deliver consistency of performance from month to month giving results you can rely on.

The range of surfaces and formats ensures that you have the best plate for your needs and delivers maximum return on your investment.

What are they for?

Immunoplates manufactured by Thermofisher scientific are used across the world for research into human, veterinary and plant biology. They are also used by laboratories around the world to diagnose disease in Humans, animals and plants.

What is the key to their success?

The key to the success of Nunc plates is the surface and the binding of moleules to the surface. Nunc has developed intimate knowledge over more than 40 years of what is required to create the best surface for binding different molecules

Which is the right surface?

  • Immobiliser Amino or Covalink – covalently binds molecules to the plate. It requires 1/10 the amount of molecule compared to passive binding and has 5-year shelf life.
  • Immobiliser Streptavidin – Uses affinity to bind biotinylated molecules to the plate giving greater sensitivity and 5-year shelf life
  • Maxisorp – Our most popular plate, passively binds antibodies to the surface as well as other proteins for excellent performance of assays
  • Polysorp – Excellent for binding lipoproteins and lipids to the plate,
  • Medisorp – The surface most suitable for binding antigens or proteins to the surface

The diagrams below help to understand what will bind best to each surface.

Product Selection

  F96 Immobilizer Amino F96 Immobilzer Streptavidin F96 Maxisorp F96 Polysorp F96 Medisorp
Clear 734-1277 734-1284 735-0083 735-0131 735-0044
Black 734-1279 734-1286 735-0004 735-0005  
White 734-1278 734-1285 735-0002 735-0003  

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