Nucleic Acid decontamination with DNA Exitus Plus Technology

DNA-Exitus Plus™ is a novel patented reagent for the removal of nucleic acid contamination from laboratory surfaces and equipment.

Instructions for use:

  1. The optimal incubation time for surface decontamination is 10 minutes and temperature above 20°C. After incubation, residual DNA-Exitus Plus™ is wiped off with a paper towel. It is not necessary to additionally clean with sterile water thereafter. This is a new feature in comparison to the traditional decontamination solutions.
  2. After the solution is completely dried, there is no further decontamination reaction taking place. Hence, an incubation time longer than 30 minutes is not necessary and also not useful. In case of severe contaminations a second application of the solution is recommended for highest efficiency.
  3. For removal of unwanted, dried residual traces of the reagent, we recommend to remove these traces with sterile water or 10X TE buffer and a paper towel.

The unique characteristics of DNA-Exitus Plus™:

  • Catalytic and cooperative effects of the components cause a very rapid non-enzymatic, non-sequence-specific degradation of DNA and RNA molecules.
  • All components of DNA-Exitus Plus™ are readily bio-degradable and not harmful or toxic for humans.
  • No aggressive mineralic acids or alkaline substances are used. Equipment and materials are not damaged or corroded even after prolonged incubation times.
  • No toxic fumes.
  • Elevated temperatures above approx. 50°C speed up the reaction and the activity.

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